Casual Plaid Trouser Vibes

Casual Plaid Trouser Vibes
Plaid trousers for fall, CHECK! Take out your business wear for the weekends, because it’s the new wave. This has been trending in all of street style wear.
I have been pinning so many different variations of how to incorporate plaid in your everyday casual wear.
I ESPECIALLY love pairing it with denim, and this denim jacket was sent over for me to review from Shein on Amazon and IT IS SO SOFT OMG! Shop the jacket HERE!
  Here is a way I styled the pant version of this print, I have a couple blazers and another pair of trousers I will be posting later on, and all from THE THRIFT STORE!
Because why pay 70 dollars for a pair of pants that’s easily found at Salvation army for less than 6? EXACTLY!
All similar items will be posted at the end of the post.


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