Maximalist Earrings

Maximalist Earrings

As fashion is

currently gearing towards maximalism (which I am all for), I have been testing the waters on more bold colors and experimenting with them. Agave Fleur kindly sent me over these STATEMENT earrings! In the past, these types of earrings were too much for my own personal style, but NOPE! As soon as these bad boys were put on, I completely fell in-love with the style. I mean come on, look at them, super STUNNING!

Definitely go check out Agave Fleurs because she hand makes her products and they are truly one of a kind! Supporting a female latina entrepreneur is at the top of my list as well!

The jacket with the zippers was DIYed by me and inspired by Leah Kirsch. What I did was I sewed on the zippers on the side of the jacket and boom, up cycled it! My clothes start to bore me somewhat quick, so I love doing DIYs to make it more relevant to the current trends. I mean, I am a fashion design major, so I do make clothes from scratch for assignments. Making/altering clothing is embedded inside of me and I am really happy to be going down the path that makes me happy!

Both the earrings and jacket made such a saucy combo. Clashing styles is definitely my thing,  the earrings are super fresh and happy and then paired with a more grungey type of jacket is totally my vibe. 

Lately, Yara Shahidi has been such an inspiration for this type of aesthetic. Also, the stylist that styles her for Grown-ish speaks to my soul!

Muchos Besos





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