Why You Need Pink Fur in Your Life

Why You Need Pink Fur in Your Life

Pink fur

…is everywhere! I know every time you scroll down your timeline on Instagram (if you follow fashion pages like I do), you see someone with their super fun colorful fur on. I was convinced by the gram to get my hands on one, causeeeee girrlllll!!!! Why not???

So sometime at the end of last year, I was in JCP because Sephora, you already know! While I was looking around in the store, I found this really cute pink fur coat. I was actually really shook that I found something so cute in there! It ended up costing me only $25 because I also had a 10 dollar coupon.

Honestly, call me the BARGAIN QUEEN!

The look for less over here for sure! The pants are also thrifted from Goodwill, the top is from H&M and the little cross body is from Adidas. I was really inspired by New York Fashion Week street style with this fit.

The necklace with the safety pin I actually made! I had some left over chain I never used that I bought from a Chicago fabric store and some fashion jewelry safety pins I had used to make earrings. Obsessed how unique it makes any outfit. 

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