Oils on Oily Skin?

Oils on Oily Skin?

My goal for 2018 was to focus on skincare.

Now, I am in no way bragging one bit, but being a micro-influencer, I have been fortunate enough to try out new products by spending little to nothing at all.

I am in this blogger community called JOINPALM.

Check this out, we get discounted products and the absolutely best part of this is that they only feature female owned businesses!

So, for last month I decided to try Monastery, all her oils are natural and are really amazing on the skin. The prices really reflect the quality, it is impossible to get “cheap” oils and for them to actually work.

“No Salts, No Alcohol, No Fillers.” – Monastery

My skin type is EXTREMELY oily.

I wake up, oily face.

I walk outside, oily face.

I sit down and do nothing, oily face.

I was skeptical of using these products, but it’s like LIQUID GOLD.

I ordered the Rose Cleansing oil and the Lapiz Matte Body Oil.

The Rose cleansing oil really does a great job with removing my makeup and I have noticed that it tightens my pores as well!

With the Lapiz Matte Body Oil, it’s supposed to help with cellulite and I have a bit of it on my body, I have been using it but I still need more time to see the results.

The oil is very matte and smells amazing and as moisturizer, it works wonders!



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